Project Title
Conflict Resolution with Equitative Algorithms
Project Acronym
2017-2019 (24 months)
JUST-JACC-EJU-AG-2016 Action grants to support national or transnational e-Justice projects

The project aims to introduce new mechanisms of dispute resolution as a helping tool in legal procedures for lawyers, mediators and judges with the objective to reach an agreement between the parties; in some situations it could be used directly by citizens.

We believe that the new procedure has the potential to deeply change national and cross-border civil proceedings. The final goal is removing differences due to national laws among all EU countries.

  • Application of algorithms to the solution of certain national and cross-border civil matters, into the allocation of goods, or the resolution of issues, in disputes, leading the parties to a friendly solution before or during the trial comparison;
  • Development of new algorithms – distinguishing available rights (droits disponibles) from national mandatory rules (loi de police) in force in the different EU Member States;
  • Development of a “European common ground” of available rights, different from standard legal principles, by developing and using algorithms that rapidly implement better settlements;
  • Development of a software in which the selected harmonized procedures, applicable in all EU states, will not infringe upon or run amok of national regulations. The software could be integrated into and to the E-Justice portal.

Direct beneficiaries will be administrators, brokers, lawyers, judges, mediators and jurists in general.

The end-beneficiary will be the EU-citizen.

Expected Results
  • to extend the state of knowledge on the implementation of ODR
  • to raise citizens’ awareness to overcome the difficulties encountered in the ODR use procedural streamlining and simplification of the judgment leading to a faster and more effective judgment
  • 2 Meetings: for a punctual development of the project
  • Reports: managing the project’s activities/monitoring their implementation
  • Webpage
  • Software
  • 4 Seminars
  • Final International Conference
  • Handbooks