Posted on Gen 14, 2019 in News

As part of the new edition of the International Legal Informatics Symposium IRIS, now in its 22nd edition, the CREA project will be discussed with the intervention of Dr. Marco Dall’Aglio, Mr. Fabrizio Corona and Dr. Giacomo Morelli; here is the abstract of the contribution:

“This paper presents the evolution and application of ODR systems in case involving the judicial division of assets. The CREA Project aims to introduce new mechanisms of dispute resolution in legal procedures for lawyers, mediators and judges with the objective to guarantee an equitable distribution between the parties involved in a dispute, and to reach an agreement. An application to a legal example illustrates such procedure.”

This year IRIS will take place again in the well-known environment of the University of Salzburg from Thursday, 21 to Saturday, 23 February 2019; the leading topic of IRIS2019 will be Internet of Things.
For further information, please visit the IRIS official website: https://www.univie.ac.at/RI/IRIS2019/